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Shannon Duggan

May 2024

I was fortunate to meet Angela just as I started out in GA.


Your first flying job can contain both happiness along with challenges, and mine was no exception. During this time, and the years that have followed, Angela’s advice and friendship has been instrumental in maintaining my confidence that I belong in aviation. Self-doubt is insidious and during COVID there seemed to be more setbacks than wins.


Having someone in your corner checking in on you and helping refocus or highlight avenues you might not have realised, kept me motivated. Ultimately this helped me to land a new job in the middle of COVID. I am truly grateful that throughout my career Angela will always be there should I need help or even a knowledgeable “sounding board”. This kind of support is invaluable and can be hard to find amongst our industry.

There is a great need for more people like Angela, not just within GA, but all facets of aviation. Currently I work in fire aviation and the benefits of a proper debrief with someone who understands flying is crucial yet not always available. For low-hour pilots it’s even harder. Unless they have a supportive work environment or find a mentor themselves, they are essentially on their own.


Angela's work in the mentorship field and with counselling will only improve outcomes for all of aviation. Keeping pilots flying confidently and safely.

In my opinion if any aviation professional has identified that they need help but don’t know where to turn, then Navigating Aviation is the best place to start.

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