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For Navigating Aviation, support and commitment from the aviation organisation (you, the client) are crucial; they are the bedrock upon which the service's success is built. 


Navigating Aviation's comprehensive support strategy currently offered to Sharp Airlines and Inbound Aviation, including quarterly base visits and one-on-one counselling, is a cornerstone of our existing initiatives. It includes mentorship and leadership training tailored to tackle the aviation industry's unique issues. These initiatives are meticulously designed to equip women (and men) with the skills needed to succeed and to integrate effectively into the aviation workforce. Regular monitoring via the six-monthly surveys, providing feedback, and reporting ensure these programs adapt and respond effectively to challenges.


Our collaboration amplifies the bespoke program's effectiveness and reinforces the mutual goal of enhancing employee welfare and your organisation's culture. When leadership demonstrates unwavering support for such initiatives, it sends a powerful message to the staff, employees, and Work Safe Australia. This commitment is not only about meeting regulatory obligations but also fostering a culture where employees feel valued and supported. It indicates that the organisation prioritises their health and safety, both psychosocially and physically, which can significantly enhance workplace morale, productivity, staff retention, and overall job satisfaction.

Program Components:

Workshops and Presentations

Navigating Aviation will provide tailored seminars, training, and workshops for top-tier managers and staff. These sessions focus on attracting, developing, encouraging, and supporting men and women within the organisation. We target programs that improve staff attraction, wellbeing and retention, and monitor what drives individuals to succeed or exit from these critical positions. By engaging industry partners and securing your commitment, we will roll out our communication strategy, model what is possible, and deliver programs that support men and women in their training, education, apprenticeship, and career journeys. We provide networks and structures to drive career retention, success, and financial empowerment.

One-on-One Confidential Counselling Sessions

General aviation businesses are often small, privately owned operations where a single individual may serve in multiple roles, such as Director, Chief Pilot, Head of Flying Operations, Chief Engineer or Head of Aircraft Airworthiness and Maintenance Control.

These businesses, often lacking a dedicated human resources team, can leave trainees, employees, apprentices, and managers without a source of support when challenges arise, creating a psychosocial safety hazard. 

Navigating Aviation provides a seven-day, around-the-clock safety net staffed by a team of registered specialist aviation counsellors. These counsellors offer confidential support and guidance, creating a safe, judgment-free space where individuals can speak openly about their concerns and challenges, knowing their privacy is safeguarded.


These personalised counselling sessions address both general and aviation-specific concerns and are available to all trainees, apprentices, staff, and management.


By offering specialised and immediate assistance around the clock, Navigating Aviation ensures that guidance is accessible anytime, regardless of schedules or locations.

Quarterly On-Site Base Visits

Quarterly on-site base visits are essential for building personal connections and fostering an environment of trust between Navigating Aviation, training organisations, businesses, trainees, employees, apprentices, and management.

These visits are not just formalities; they are essential touch points to familiarise everyone with the support services provided by Navigating Aviation and to assure the confidentiality of these services. By being physically present, we aim to create a comfortable space for men and women to openly discuss their achievements, needs, and concerns. These visits are crucial for Navigating Aviation to gain insights into the unique dynamics of operations and the organisation's culture. Consistent interactions enable us to follow trainees and employees' development closely, ensuring that the support offered is relevant and tailored to their evolving needs.

Six-Monthly Surveys

Six-monthly surveys provide measurement and accountability. This data informs strategies to optimise the program's focus on wellbeing and organisational culture. The survey aims to enhance employee retention, foster a culture of inclusivity and equality, improve business performance and safety, elevate staff health and wellbeing, and reduce discrimination and harassment risks in the workplace. Navigating Aviation tracks and reports these metrics every six months, emphasising our commitment to collaboration and diversity within aviation.

Additional Services

Navigating Aviation also offers to implement support structures into your organisation's Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Emergency Response Plans (ERP).

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