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Navigating Aviation was founded to meet the specific needs of the aviation community - to provide specialist aviation counselling and aviation business guidance. 


Aviation is one of the most enjoyable, exciting and rewarding professional careers and recreational activities on the planet, but there is no denying it can also be extremely challenging and stressful.


Attempting to navigate the regulatory environment, complex procedures, deep technical knowledge requirements and poor organisational culture can sometimes be overwhelming and contribute significantly to our individual stress levels, causing a psychosocial hazard. 

Mental health challenges that can potentially develop as a result of these stressors attract a unique stigma and potential consequences in the aviation industry. There is a tendency amongst aviators to avoid speaking up for fear of losing their medical certificate, and with it the right to fly. To make matters worse, stoicism and a “she’ll be right” attitude is often far more prevalent in the aviation industry and can act as a significant barrier to seeking help when it is needed.

Larger airlines and aircrew unions typically provide funded counselling to their employees and members. However, there is currently no industry-backed support structure for general aviation and flight training in Australia. Whether you're a student, pilot, engineer, apprentice, support crew, business owner or a family member of someone in the aviation industry, it is highly likely that you will need professional support at some stage. This need is not unique to you but shared by many in the industry.

The period following a serious incident can be particularly stressful for those involved. It is often left to the individual, business owner, or family member to navigate one of the most stressful times in their life without professional support while experiencing a life-changing event.

Guidance and support for the aviation community

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