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Shana Delaney

May 2024

Hi Angela, I hope this isn’t too long but I meant every word of it and not sure how I could possibly shorten it.

Having completed my Commercial Pilot's License, along with multi-engine and instrument rating, just a month before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was brimming with excitement to embark on my flying career. However, residing in Melbourne meant enduring lockdown restrictions that kept me grounded, unable to take to the skies. While I utilized the time to complete my ATPL subjects, the prolonged hiatus took a toll on my confidence which lacked to begin with!. When the time came to resume flying, I found myself plagued with self-doubt and apprehension, feeling as though I wasn't good enough to pursue my dream any longer.

It was during this challenging period that I was introduced to Angela through a mutual friend. From the moment we connected, Angela's guidance and support became the beacon of hope I desperately needed. Her expertise, combined with her empathetic approach, helped me overcome my fears and regain the confidence I had lost. Angela's unwavering belief in my abilities reignited my passion for flying and gave me the strength to push forward.

Angela's mentorship has been nothing short of transformative. She's not just a mentor; she's a friend and a confidante, always there to offer encouragement and guidance whenever I need it. Her regular check-ins and constant support have been invaluable, reminding me that I'm not alone on this journey.

I am incredibly grateful to Ange for her dedication to helping me navigate through the challenges of returning to flying after an extended break. Her commitment to supporting women in the aviation industry is not only admirable but also crucial for fostering diversity and inclusivity within our field.

Thanks to Ange's mentorship, I am now back flying , pursuing my passion with renewed determination and confidence. Her impact on my journey back into flying is immeasurable, and I am forever thankful for her invaluable support. Ange's efforts in empowering women like me in the aviation industry are commendable and much-needed. She truly is an asset to the industry, and I feel privileged to have her guidance as I continue to chase my dreams among the clouds.

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