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Kalen Turner

May 2024

I was involved in an aviation accident in 2023 in a remote part of Australia and I sought Angela's help in processing what had happened and to assist me throughout the recovery process.

Her assistance and understanding of the aviation industry has been invaluable in my recovery process and was what led me to reach out to her after the accident. Having a counselor with aviation knowledge was extremely important to me and something that has been missing from the industry.


Navigating Aviation is a program that I fully support not only for incidence and accident recovery, but also for pilots' general mental health and well-being. The aviation industry can sometimes be very isolating and Angela is a great advocate for changing outdated cultures, attitudes and expectations that sadly still exist in some parts of the aviation industry today.


Angela's previous lived experience coupled with her warm and friendly personality not only enabled me to feel safe and supported from day one, but when added to a specialist service like Navigating Aviation creates a platform that is unique for the aviation community. 


I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without Angela’s help and connection to the broader aviation industry. Not only has Angela supported me through a really tough time, but has also assisted me with the path back to flying through her large range of connections within the aviation industry.


I would recommend Angela and her confidential services for anyone in the Aviation Industry, from people just starting out, to experienced captains. She has the ability to support all situations and people in a range of different aviation settings, from mental health support, to help navigating GA companies, major accident support and everything in between. Her work is important and she has the perfect space to support everyone and if I could I would encourage everyone to reach out to her.

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