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Guidance and support for the aviation community is at the heart of our mission. Navigating Aviation is a confidential support, guidance and counselling service where members of the aviation community and their families can openly discuss issues pertaining to work place matters, mental health, incident management, and more without fear of judgement.

Connect with Navigating Aviation to discuss industry-specific concerns such as flight test anxiety, confidence building and crisis support, along with an array of traditional counselling services like relationship and family support, career guidance and work/life balance, to name a few.

The aviation industry is a complex array of regulations, procedures, stress, and personalities. Whether you’re a pilot, small-business owner, aircraft engineer, family member, or supporting crew, you will be exposed to the nuanced complexities of this industry daily.

Navigating Aviation is here to provide the guidance and support you need in order to help you find your way.



Founder and Director

Angela is a specialist aviation counsellor with a broad range of practical experience as a pilot, business owner, and consultant in commercial, recreational and sport aviation.


Bob Tait

Order of Australia Recipient for his contribution to aviation


Australian Aviation
Hall of Fame Inductee

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