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Alistair Dorward

May 2024

At Sharp Airlines, the health, safety and wellbeing of our team is vitally important to us. We are very proud of our partnership with Angela and Navigating Aviation as the launch client in providing confidential, comprehensive wellbeing and counselling support to all of our team.

The service provided by Angela are unique within our industry in that Angela’s lived experience as a pilot and former aviation business owner provide her with a great depth of understanding of the industry, it’s stresses and challenges and provide the perfect platform to offer support, counselling and assistance. Our team are able to reach out and contact Angela in strict confidence at any time. Her support and guidance has already assisted a number of members of the Sharp team, and the anecdotal feedback amongst our staff about the implementation of the program has been extremely positive.

Our program with Navigating Aviation also includes quarterly base visits where Angela spends time within the base, engaging with the team,  providing Angela with a valuable perspective from within the business by building a personal connection with our team and through the genuine care that Angela shows for our people. The services provided by Angela are a key component in our overall strategy for looking after the psychological wellbeing of our team.

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